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Every once in a while,, a new band surfaces on the scene that leaves you wondering. "Where did these guys come from and why haven't I heard of  them before?" Such is the case with Florida based band, JuggerNaut" A  hard edged band centered around souring vocals, shredding guitar work  and driving rhythm section apparently stuck in overdrive! JuggerNaut  executes main event showcase performances as well as opening act support in the southeast region and national circuit. Though the style of the  band strikes similar angles to a time gone past when rock bands were  more substance and less marketing, there is an undeniable freshness to  JuggerNaut's no nonsense approach to heavy rock. The band makes no  apologies for their straight forward direction to play the music they  love and perform like no one else can. JuggerNaut's style is simply  defined by what they all do best, combine with a healthy dose of  aggression and a full understanding of exactly what it takes to pull it  all together into a truly professional showcase performance.
Founding members of the band Mark Hurst and Charlie Ost, are both  seasoned veterans of rock tours dating back to the late eighties. Mark  has an amazing vocal range with a stage presence remenisant of some of  rocks finest front men. Charlie represents "power drumming" with strong  attention to driving the band through the songs. When the notion first  hit the two of them to revisit the success they experienced together  back in the early 90's, it was approached as a fun thing to do that  might have modest, positive results. This proved to be an extreme  understatement. The two realized that they had a great chemistry  together so plans were put in place to persue assembling a new band.
Almost immediately, guitarist Bryan "Shredder" Udell was brought in  to handle the lead guitarist work. Bryan's prior experience with heavy  rock bands was impressive and included a knack for writing catchy  original heavy rock tunes with a strong emphasis on aggressive drive and edgy riffs. Shortly after securing Shedder's services, the band struck  gold when they found axmen Tony Buttrams internet ad seeking a  professional band. This find quickly turned double bonus when Tony  brought two major, and unexpected, attributes with him. One was the  amazing ability to crank out blazing lead guitar solos, a quality the  band wasn't looking for being that they were shopping for a rhythm. The  other was bassist Kevin Woolgar, a player with an "in your face" style  and a powerful presence. Both Tony and Kevin had been members of the  band "Street Wise" a successful heavy edged band back in the 90's, and  both processed strong backing vocal talent. Kevin's hard hitting bass  drive locked in perfectly with Charlie's drumming style and Tony's fluid playing did nothing but compliment Shredder's dominating approach to  the guitar. Adding the incredible vocal talents of Mark to the mix is  the ultimate icing on the cake that positively takes the band over the  top. Way over the top.

Charlie Ost drums
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Kevin Wolgar Bass
Kevin Head Shot
Tony Buttram Guitar
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